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Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing provides provides small businesses in Oklahoma City with beautiful, search-optimized, responsive, customized websites that generate calls, leads, or traffic to your business.

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Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing builds custom websites around your brand, goals, and needs to service your customers.

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The Lighthouse web designers have the experience and proven track record to create websites that represent your company and convert visitors into clients and customers. Each professional website is optimized for local search and you are part of the process from beginning to the launch of your new website.

Give us a call or request a quote online, we will go over your goals, budget, and create a plan that will serve the needs of your clients as well as your business.

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Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing brings over 35 years of combined experience in website design and online marketing. We design websites that are not only mobile-friendly, user-friendly and beautiful – they are successful.

Jim Fortner

“There are a couple of reasons I am working with and partnering with Lighthouse Web Design and Marketing. First, with our initial conversation Lighthouse listened to me and reacted to what I thought I needed on a website. I did not want anything too overwhelming but a very clean, contemporary, and informative site. After they listened, they started to ask questions that I had not thought and these questions were one's I was not hearing from others. Second, we were able to build a relationship and slowly but surely build the website I thought was the right one for TL2. It is modern, it is sleek, and it is informative. Lighthouse Web Design is always available and willing to stretch what my thoughts were into something truly interesting. I have appreciated all that they have done and feel like I can now take step 2 in my journey and leverage some marketing materials. Lighthouse Web Design is always enthusiastic, and they want to partner with you, that I can enjoy!”

We have been helping businesses like yours since 2007!
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Goal Driven Website Design & Development

Custom Websites

Each website we create is custom-built around your goals and the needs of your audience using the most up-to-date coding and technology.


WordPress is an option with a custom-designed theme. It offers a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to make updates to your website with ease. This CMS also provides added SEO benefits, and flexibility to meet your company's needs.

Advanced Functionality

Your website must function alongside your business. From e-commerce, lead generation, event registration, password protected portals – you name it, we can build it.

Search Optimized

We build your website from the ground up to rank in the search engine and attract new leads. We include the key elements of search engine optimization and submit your website to search engines. This gives you a head start to any SEO campaign.

Hosting & Maintenance

We provide worry-free website hosting and backend maintenance including regular backups, update plug-ins, as well as an added level of security that isn't available on typical shared hosting.

Goal Driven

We design your website around your company's goals. Whether you are looking to generate leads from your website, sales from your online store or foot traffic to your business, we create the path to get your website visitors to your goal.

Website Design Projects

Municipality website designers
Home Services website designers
Home Services website designers
Home Services website designers
News/Entertainment website designers
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Municipality website designers
Ecommerce website designers
Legal Services website designers
Home Services website designers
Home Services website designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the ability to design WordPress websites, creating a custom theme for your business. These tend to be HUGE and slow down the speed of the website. Our clients have also shared they aren't as easy to manage. We prefer a custom, faster website that provides just what you need.

To create an informative, branded website that is a representation of your business, it would need to include: a logo, branded colors, services/products, contact and location information, areas of services, as well as indicators showing your credibility (reviews, associations, etc.). It should also include company information, staff images, and like this, answers to frequently asked questions.

Typically, the design and development process will take 4 - 6 weeks, depending on when the Client sends and approves the information. Larger websites may take longer and may be launched in phases.

Many factors are considered when we estimate the cost of your website, including the number of pages, content/graphics, and custom modules that may be developed for your website.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend a refresh every two years to keep up with technology and updates in search engines.

YES! Whether you have an active local search campaign with us or not, we include the core requirements for local SEO.

Yes, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for the websites we develop.

It is important that your website be an expansion of everything else you are doing. When we get started, we ask that you send over the items (business cards, vehicles, brochures, etc) that show your existing brand identity.

Yes. We are familiar with many of the web store providers giving you a custom look so you do not have to learn to use templates.

The Advantages of Custom Web Design vs Templates

The Advantages of Custom Web Design vs Templates

When it comes to creating a website for your business, you have two primary options: custom web design or using pre-made templates. While templates may seem like a convenient and cost-effective solution, they often fall short of delivering a truly unique and tailored online presence. In this article, we will explore the advantages of custom web design and why it's worth considering for your website needs.

Protecting Your Small Business Website From Cyberthreats

Protecting Your Small Business Website From Cyberthreats

As technology advances, so do the tools of cybercrime. Small business websites are vulnerable to malicious attacks that can cause significant damage to their operations. To protect against these threats, small business owners should take proactive steps such as using strong passwords and changing them regularly, monitoring their websites for suspicious activity, installing security software, and backing up their websites regularly.

Why You Need An FAQ Page On Your Website

Why You Need An FAQ Page On Your Website

Having an FAQ page on your website offers many benefits. It helps provide clarity and convenience to visitors while improving your search engine optimization (SEO). Let's take a look at why having an FAQ page is so important.

Questions to Ask your Web Designer

Questions to Ask your Web Designer

Bridge the communication gap between businesses and their web designer. Knowing what questions to ask and what to listen for will help you make a well-informed decision in choosing a web designer to work with.


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Since 2007, the Lighthouse Web Design and Marketing team has created custom websites and strategic marketing strategies for small businesses. Each marketing campaign is built around the client's goals and needs and backed by a proven marketing strategy.

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It is more than a catchy slogan. Often business owners are lost when it comes to using the available online tools and networks strategically to grow their business. We study and stay on top of these outlets to provide effective design and marketing services to get their phone ringing and door swinging.

When you work with Lighthouse, you can be confident that you are partnering with the right marketing agency.