Why Choose Us

We know you have options. Picking the right marketing agency to help your business grow is important. They must match your specific needs to ensure you reach your goals. Not all marketing agencies are the same, read more about our core values and commitment to our clients.

1. We Listen — As an online marketing agency, it is important that we understand your goals. This understanding is the foundation of design and marketing recommendation we make for you. Your website, social media, and other efforts are worthless if your goals are not being met.

2. We Care — Sure, it is our business, but it is more than that. We understand the faith you are putting into us to help your business grow. We are candid, blunt, and find solutions to meet or exceed your goals and expectations.

3. We Know Our Stuff — In the digital marketing world, there are core methods; however marketing delivery is always changing. We study, test, and analyze these changes so we can deliver the best results for our clients, keeping them ahead of their competitors.

4. We Create Designs That Are Awesome & Effective — Every website project we take on is customized to our client’s goals to make them stand out from their competitors and leaders in their industry. A well-designed website will give you credibility with your current and potential customers.

5. We Train You — If our clients wish to add news, articles, manage products, or other website updates we train them. This training shows them how to keep their website looking great and search engine optimized, so it continues to work for their business. Of course, if our clients would prefer not to make their own updates, we gladly help out whenever needed.

6. Results Driven with Proven Results — Our core foundation is to help our clients and be completely transparent. This gives our clients an understanding of what we are doing for them. It also allows them to be part of it. We give our clients the same access we have to reports so they can see how their campaigns are doing.

7. On-Time — From the beginning of each project we set a timeline to give the client an idea of when their project will be complete.

8. Sound Code — Each project is built with the most up-to-date code, so our client’s website is fast and optimal for the demands of today and tomorrow. With mobile use on the rise, we build every website using responsive technology, so it responds to whatever screen size the audience is using.

9. We are Loyal — If we are working on marketing your business or helping you rank in search engines (SEO), we WILL NOT work with your competitors. Not all agencies follow this practice. We are loyal to your business and would consider it a conflict of interest.

10. Our Clients us — We have long-term clients. Some have been with us since 2007. It isn’t because we keep them under a contract; in fact, most of our contracts are month-to-month. We are humbled by this loyalty and work each month diligently to earn their business and trust in us to help their business grow. We are honored to have them as clients because we them too.

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Since 2007, the Lighthouse Web Design and Marketing team has created custom websites and strategic marketing strategies for small businesses. Each marketing campaign is built around the client's goals and needs and backed by a proven marketing strategy.

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Guiding Business to Online Success

It is more than a catchy slogan. Often business owners are lost when it comes to using the available online tools and networks strategically to grow their business. We study and stay on top of these outlets to provide effective design and marketing services to get their phone ringing and door swinging.

When you work with Lighthouse, you can be confident that you are partnering with the right marketing agency.