A blog is one of the most important tools that any business can have on its website. It allows you to create content for your customers and keep them interested in what you have to offer. When done correctly, business blogging also helps help drive traffic to your website, generates leads, and helps in your overall marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss some reasons why a blog should be part of every website!

How a blog helps your search rankings?

Blogs are essential for your search rankings because blog content is indexed and crawled by all major search engines. Chances are, if you're not blogging on your website, then Google doesn't have any fresh content to index. And when it comes to SEO, new blog posts can be very beneficial in keeping the pages near the top of a SERP.

As search engines crawl blog content, more pages will be indexed and have their chance to rank on a SERP. And the blog posts you've created are also fresh pieces of content for Google to index regularly rather than just picking up an outdated blog post from years ago. Blogs can help your rankings in two ways - by contributing to a blog that already ranks on the SERP and getting your blog posts indexed.

The blog content you create is also an opportunity for social media sharing, which can help website traffic from people who might not have seen it otherwise - like Twitter or Facebook followers of yours! Additionally, as time goes on, blog posts might have new content that is released to them, such as blog post updates or blog posts with videos attached. These updates mean more fresh content for search engines to crawl - and a better chance of staying at the top of search engine results!

How a blog helps your customers through the buying decision process

A blog can be a huge help to your potential customers as they're thinking about buying your products. It provides them with the information and tools that may not have been found in other places - like product reviews, testimonials, or even how-to videos on any new updates you might offer! And when it comes to making purchases online, the more information you can provide to potential customers, the better!

How a blog helps your conversion rate

If you're blogging on your site, then it's likely that visitors are going to be spending a bit of time reading what you've posted. And if they take enough interest in what you have to say and decide to buy something from your store, then it's likely that you'll see a higher conversion rate - the percentage of your visitors who make purchases from what they found on your site.

Blogs can help increase conversation rates in two ways: first, by providing valuable content to customers, and second, by making users feel like there is less pressure to buy something because they're not being rushed to make a purchasing decision.

What types of blog posts help push buyers through the sales process?

The types of blog posts that are most likely to get your customers through the sales process is one that provides them with any information they might need - like what products you offer and how much it costs. But a post, "How to find the perfect dress for prom" or something similar, can also do wonders in getting people converted!

If you provide services, you can also offer helpful information for your clients. Like the one you are reading now, we create content that helps small business owners learn more about online marketing and search engine optimization to make better buying decisions about their marketing strategy.

Ideas on how to use a blog for your local small business.

The local element is the one that usually stumps most, but in reality, search engines, in all their elaborate algorithms, do nothing more than scan for words. Simple as that! If you write about your local area, it will help you rank better for your local area. It isn't complicated but is challenging to make the content relevant to your area. That is where a little creativity comes in.

Service-based businesses have it a little easier on this part. They can simply say they helped a customer in XXX city with XXX service.

You can also talk about the other non-competitive, complementary services that are available in your area. If you are an attorney and want more pre-nuptial agreements, you might have a reference guide to services in your area used while planning a wedding. This type of article is like a recommendation, so make sure you refer businesses you would also work with.

Blogs are time-consuming, but the benefits they bring to your customers and website may make it worth the effort. Not only do blogs provide helpful information for potential or current clients, but they also help with search engine optimization by providing extra content that will rank higher in Google searches. If you're not sure how to get started blogging or don't have any idea what a blog post should look like, give us a call at (405) 753-4114. Our team of experts can create an outstanding strategy that incorporates all of these elements while helping you reach new heights when it comes to traffic and conversion rates on your site!

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