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by Richelle Anderson


Content Marketing became a buzzword in late 2015 when Google made the statement that content was a huge ranking factor for SEO. Since then Google has upped their game and made not only contains a ranking factor but quality content.

Small businesses have used the internet to market their business but with the wrong mentality. Many owners come into the marketing game with the old mentality of buying space to get a result. Oddly enough, content marketing actually works backward. Do you want to make the most of your content marketing efforts? If so, we will cover a few tips and tricks to guide you in the correct way.

Content Marketing is a long-term commitment it is not a marketing campaign.

This method of online marketing is NOT traditional marketing. There is plenty of room for that in a good marketing plan. As most try to work smarter than harder, content marketing can also make it so you are paying less to generate traffic, leads, and sales to your website.

We all love to save money, right? Do I have your attention now? Good!

Content marketing is a long-term plan. Like most good things, small business owners will see that it does take a little time. With the wait, however, you will see more success and higher quality being built in your business. This is intended to attract and build trust with your visitors. As they rely on your knowledge that helps them, they feel compelled to do business with you and continue the relationship.

As stated, content marketing will not drive instant sales and leads but when it does start to roll in the quality is usually higher and the cost per acquisition is low. Customers will be happy, and Saving money + Happy customers = a successful business!

Content Marketing isn't social media, however, you will use social media to help promote it

It is easy to confuse social media efforts with content marketing or roll them into one like a snowball. You can't have content marketing without promotion through social media. This is how you let people know that you have content, and get them to click on it. Twenty views and ten shares later, you're a hit.

Content marketing isn't just writing posts and articles

Carefully tested and well-thought-out headlines are needed to get people to click on articles from a search or a social media feed. Great opening paragraphs and sub-headings are needed to get them through the article. You want to draw them in; do this by using something that catches their attention, and like bait on a hook, just reel them in.

It takes a lot of work, but the payoff is huge!

Content Marketing is all about giving Not selling

Think givers gain. As you give away some of your knowledge, they will come back for more time and time again. The more you engage with visitors the more they will see trust in you and this will build in your field. By giving your knowledge, you become a trusted source that they might use to perform the services or products you are writing about.

Content marketing is easy to do but can easily be done incorrectly. It takes time, which I believe many of us feel like we do not have enough of, and concentrated effort. If you search for content marketing, you will see a mixed bag of responses and outcomes. The key is to keep in mind is that it takes consistent work and testing to get it right. Many small business owners do not have the time or patience to pull it off; However, the work is worth it!

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