In May 2020 Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC relocated its primary office to Oklahoma City, OK. The company was founded in Tupelo, MS in 2007 where it built a strong customer base not only in the North Mississippi area but throughout the United States.  

It is through serving clients all over the country that gave the owner, Richelle Anderson, the confidence that with their business model they could service their clients wherever they were.  

Richelle Anderson shares,  

"Tupelo is where we got started, and we want every Client of Lighthouse to know we are here for them. We have structured our business so if we have an internet connection, we can support and help grow their businesses. I had moved our family to Northeast MS in 1995 to help take care of my parents. My father passed away in 2011 and then my mother in May 2019, we started looking for a place to call home.  

After attending a conference in the Oklahoma City area, I fell in love with the area. As a native of Houston, TX we felt right at home."

Lighthouse Web Designs is a full-service web design and marketing agency. The company employs contractors from around the United States to assist with the daily tasks for their clients. They work with small businesses, municipalities, and national brands to assist with their website design, search engine optimization, and marketing tasks. 

Lighthouse has built hundreds of websites since 2007 and currently manages approximately 100 clients. When asked how the move would affect its current client base, Richelle replied, Our clients are accustomed to us holding meetings over the phone or in a web meeting. They are busy business owners, and most haven't physically been in the same room as us for over a year. We do not like to bug and get in the way of our clients running their businesses. Simply put, we are 100% confident that we can service our Tupelo, MS clients from anywhere.  

Richelle goes on to share her vision for the company. 

Lighthouse Web Designs is my baby. We have been through thick and thin. I have been amazed and humbled by the growth, opportunities, and how the business has changed since 2007. I cant wait to see the exciting things that will happen as we expand the business to better service our clients.  

Hear from a few people we have worked with...

“Richelle shares a wealth of knowledge unselfishly and is a great person to have on your business building team. Check her out.” ~ Joe Haynes

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